Blocking and Binding of Powers

In Hecate’s name, I bind thee to the flame.  May she live the nightmares she blocked and then returned. May she know only the depression and pain she intended for others.

I cast her to the wind that all may know and see her shame.  Let not her glamours hide her core. May Hecate envelope her in eternal law.  May all her targets forget their shame, pain, and ignore her call.

May her limited ability to raise magick fall on deaf walls.  Join my energies with the elements, my goddesses, and the Ancient One.  May Hecate put swift end to any harm, deceit, revenge, and future.  May her past and present spells be nullified and reality restored.

Only when her deeds are reversed, her magick nullified, her glamour ineffective, shall this binding be reversed.

Until that day you are mine to command and correct.  Before you move hand or foot, be immobile.  Before you twitch mind or eye, be rendered powerless.

Till them, I’ll take her hand in mine.  Wile she searches for the magick that once was hers, I bind her now until the end of time by the powers of Lilith, Hecate, the Morrigan, and Kali.

We bind her powers, because it is our hour.  As this is my will, it is done.


Spell for Protection, Reflection of Magick, and Breaking of Glamour

I am the author of this spell and it is utterly non-wiccan.  It requires intent, focus, energy, and fine tuning by whomever casts it for their own situation.  I never cast a spell as written by another, for another situation.  Center, ground, focus, cast.

In this place and at this hour, I ask you grant me obscene power.

Silly witch who wears the jewels, you’ve met your match.  I have no rules. Call your deities, loud and clear, for mine are here and mine are near. Think your thoughts and cast your spells.  Your words I hear, your plans I quell. Mind your intent, deed, word and thought, the Morrigan hears and warns you to not.

Protection I cast for those you target, as ye yourself have become the marked.  You claim that you know, to others you present glamour. My last gift to you:  Your beauty external will be replaced by your ugly internal.

This is but a warning, I suggest you take heed.  You survive at my pleasure.  Count your deeds.  See them measure. You’ve chosen your fight poorly, facing a priestess, raven, and owl.  Prepare if you can.  It’ll end most foul.

As this is my will, let it be done.

Hecate Justice Spell

(Can be cast at any time, whether you know who the responsible party is or not.)

Hecate, Dark One, hear my plea.

Bring justice now, I ask of thee.

Right the wrongs that have been done,

Avenge me now, oh Mighty One!

Turn misfortune back to those

who cause my problems and my woes.

And heap upon them pain and debt,

lest they all too soon forget

their wrongful actions, words, and deeds.

Don’t let them get away scot free.

Bring them forth from where they hide,

bring swift justice – wield your knife.

Hasten, Dark One, hear my plea,

do what it is I ask of thee.